16 Useful Contemporary Audition Monologues

Here’s a grouping of 16 useful contemporary monologues for men and women in comedy and drama genres.  Enjoy!  =)

Female Drama

  • Angel Prayers – MILANI is a teenager who has fell into a “bad group” of friends and has been in rebellion with school, family and the law.  In this monologue, she talks to herself in her bedroom.
  • Dark Projections – the character talks about how he/she tries to prevent themselves from having bad thoughts.
  • Patiently Waiting – Sheila tries to level with her man to find some form of solace between the inconsistency in their relationship.
  • Unsnarl My Skin – this is about running from one’s past.

Female Comedy

  • Just For Laughs – Jane is sitting around a kitchen table having coffee and cake with her closest friends.  The women all share stories of teasing and playing practical jokes on their children.  Jane shares a recent story of a joke she played on her son unbeknownst to him.
  • The Girls – Dana is listening to her girlfriend’s new love interest with hidden disgust and apparent loneliness.
  • Pinch – DEMETRIA talks to her sister about what she went through, in order to POP the boil on her boyfriend’s butt hole.
  • Nervous Nostrils – Delaine pulls her girlfriend aside and tells her about the guy who just approached her over at the bar in the club they are in.

Male Drama

  • One of the Good Guys – CARLSTON goes off on a journalist who wrote a major cover story about him, reporting false allegations.
  • Wasted Talent – DONNIE has just lost one of his closest friends who happened to be a struggling musician for many years. He talks to another friend about the sadness of a wasted talent.
  • On One Side – A person facing themselves, trying to figure out how they can be a better human being.
  • Challenged – GREGORY talks to his girlfriend about his own peculiar challenge when it comes to fulfilling personal goals.

Male Comedy

  • The Crop Duster – BUSTER recounts the story of how an elderly man “blew wind” in his face, while walking past him in a bookstore.
  • You Almost Ready? – a man waits for his woman to finish getting ready.
  • Medium – a comedy monologue about a man who imagines himself being 6’5 when in reality he’s about 5’8.
  • Picasso Reincarnated – comedy about how trying to find yourself sometimes blows up in your face.
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