23 Drama Acting Scenes

We have 23 dramatic scenes for actors to practice and use freely. There are more drama scenes found in our drama scene section.

  1. Third Stage of Sean – MALLORY talks with her boyfriend SEAN about not stressing over his loved ones as much.
  2. Blue Rock – MAGGIE PIE is daydreaming when HECTOR joins her and his older brother WILLIS comes to get him.
  3. Stubs – MARSHALL visits his old childhood friend RONALD to ask him for a favor.
  4. Screen Time – A legendary screen actress GERALDINE in her nineties has a discussion with her assistant JAMESON about the state of the industry as she knows it.
  5. Animal Boys – DEV shows up at ISABEL’S home to ask her out. They are in a working-class suburb north of London.
  6. Walter’s Study – WALTER is confronted by his son FRANKLIN about their father/son issues.
  7. Changes – JARED confesses to DONNIE that he doesn’t want to make music any longer.
  8. Cave of Da Vinci – Two BURGLARS enter an apartment.  A man named FREDDY FERRARA is sitting down with a cup of coffee and a gun resting on a nightstand.
  9. EncounterROGER and LESLIE meet for the first time and decide to take a stroll along the Hudson River.
  10. Curve Ball – TIFFANY is a rising pop star who is in her hotel room conflicted over her career.  In comes her talent manager, RODNEY MAGUIRE.
  11. Boulevard – This is a short dramatic scenes between a MOTHER and her daughter KELLY.
  12. Pop Artist – RODNEY approaches his cousin MAX who has secretly been taking higher doses of pills in order to function properly in his life.
  13. Maple Road – JIM enters the barn where his son MARSHALL has been punching the wooden walls with white straps around his knuckles.
  14. Bottom of the Stairs – MR. CHESTEREFIELD comes back from a trip, only to talk with his neighbor, MRS. CONNORS about his ‘changed’ wife.
  15. Chutzpah – SANDRA is a teen who has just left home after a horrible physical confrontation with her Mother.  She passes AGNES, who is the neighborhood homeless lady.  This is their first actual verbal encounter.
  16. Mr. Tandum – This is a short scene with 4 characters for actors to play.  2 men and 2 women.  This takes place in England during the Victorian era.
  17. Red Tuxedo – An upscale party in a New York City penthouse.  Mr. Berguer is hosting the event and has asked Mr. Sanders to enter his meeting quarters to negotiate a deal.
  18. Hurry Up, PlayA scene between two brothers.
  19. Back To Life – It’s the 1950’s and Pamela just had an abortion.  Mitchell is a police officer who got her pregnant.  They meet at an outdoor train station cafe.
  20. Real Again – Two female teenagers who are dating in secret and come from abusive homes, discuss the idea of suicide and robbery.
  21. True Blood Ties – JENA sits at a small square table in the center of the room. In comes her father, GIN MALONE, a prisoner. Jena stands up and they both hug affectionately.
  22. Dirt Mouth – NICO knocks on motel door. It opens up to MOSES, an African American southern man in his 60’s who wears a smokey beard and chews a damp cigar at the corner of his mouth.
  23. Match Made in Heaven – TIA has just gotten back home from work to find MICK on the couch looking unhappy.
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