30 Top Rated Teen Monologues

30 Top Rated Teen Monologues for girls and guys.  These teen monologues are categorized as comedic, dramatic and dramedy pieces.  Brand new teen monologues are written each week on Monologue Blogger.  Enjoy!

Teen Monologues (comedy/drama)

  1. Real Dad (drama) – In this dramatic teen monologue, ASHLEY talks to her Father about his alcohol addiction.
  2. One Thing (drama) – BRIANNA talks to her friend about how guys always want to have sex with her.
  3. Stacy’s Eyes (comedy) – CRISTINA talks to her best friend about a girl they know called Stacy who seems to have a special technique that draws the guys in with her eyes.
  4. Get Settled (drama) – JOSH is talking to his Grandpa about how he has to defend himself against the school bully.
  5. Robotics (drama) – NICK talks to a friend about what he wants to do in his life for career.
  6. A Regular Kid (drama) – PEGGY talks to her Uncle Gary about how she wishes she was just a regular kid and not a prodigy.
  7. Don’t Panic (drama) – LACEY is a teenager who was just in a car accident from a drunk driver ramming into her car from behind.  She is on her cellphone with her Mother moments after.
  8. Cider, Baby (comedy) – SOPHIE is at the store, picking up snacks with her friend.  It appears as though she has an “unhealthy” obsession with apple cider. 
  9. Runaway (drama) – TINA talks about her self-discovery.
  10. Detention (drama) – CATHERINE talks about the boy in her high school that committed suicide.
  11. Can I Tell You Something? (drama) – Jasmine confronts her best friend revealing to her how much she doesn’t like her boyfriend.
  12. Lick My Wounds (drama) – Crystal confronts her boyfriend about how she thinks he should break up with her if he isn’t happy.
  13. Never Been Kissed (drama) – Kerry talks about having never kissed a guy.
  14. Mind Trick (drama) – This monologue is about how one deals with strange thoughts and questions your own sanity.
  15. A Walk In The Sun (drama) – Alderon doesn’t want to bite the woman he loves and turn her into a vampire for all eternity.
  16. Abuse From Dad (drama) – SEAN talks to his girlfriend about the relationship he had with his father, growing up as a kid.
  17. Bad Look (serio-comedy) – Emily loves her friend but is very negative about the way she laughs.
  18. RRRR!! (drama) – Ruth enters her bedroom exclaiming her anger towards her parents for not letting her date the guy she likes.
  19. Arouse Me (serio-comedy) – BELLA is a nineteen year old college student who is dating an older business man.
  20. Bubble World (drama) – Jasmine, who is the teenage cousin of Jessica, vents her frustration in regards to how she thinks Jessica lives in her own imaginary world.
  21. I Liked Her First (drama) – Sergio tells his mother what his so called best friend did.
  22. He Read My Poems! (drama) – Sally angrily complains to her mother about how her brother ready her most private poems.
  23. I’ve Never Worn High Heels (comedy) – Shahla is with her friend, trying to get used to wearing her first pair of high heel shoes.  
  24. Chasing, Jeremy (comedy) – Kimberly tells her Aunt about what took play earlier in the day with the boy she likes at school.
  25. Spring Fling (drama) – KYRA talks to Jake about how she wants to be friends and not a couple. Ouch for Jakey Boy!
  26. On The Surface (drama) – Kara talks to her High School Guidance Counselor about some of the issues she’s been having at home and during school.  
  27. Acting Different (drama) – Cassandra tells her boyfriend that she doesn’t like it when he acts like a tough guy in front of his friends.
  28. Mad Mike (comedy) – Michael, a teenager raps to his full length mirror imagining himself to be a rap star.
  29. Why’d You Run? (drama) – DOUG confronts his cousin about a fight he had not too long ago.
  30. Gym Class Fight (drama) – Eliot explains to his principle why he fought in gym class.
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