41 Spotlight Monologues for Teen Auditions

Here’s a list of spotlight monologues for teen auditions.  Monologue Blogger creates and publishes fresh monologue material for teen actors every single week!  =)

  1. Corner Store – JASMINE talks to her friend about how she’s drinking way too much.
  2. Real Dad – ASHLEY talks to her Father about his alcohol addiction.
  3. One Thing – BRIANNA talks to her friend about how guys always want to have sex with her.
  4. Bring About Change – MELANI talks to her Auntie about her deep interest in making the world better by helping people.
  5. Stacy’s Eyes – CRISTINA talks to her best friend about a girl they know called Stacy who seems to have a special technique that draws the guys in with her eyes.
  6. Space – TOBEY confronts his Mother about how she needs to start giving him more space.
  7. Anything Sweet Stays – CAROLINA complains to her friend about how she feels bloated, despite constantly working out.
  8. Get Settled – JOSH is talking to his Grandpa about how he has to defend himself against the school bully.
  9. Robotics – NICK talks to a friend about what he wants to do in his life for career.
  10. A Regular Kid – PEGGY talks to her Uncle Gary about how she wishes she was just a regular kid and not a prodigy.
  11. Don’t Panic – LACEY is a teenager who was just in a car accident from a drunk driver ramming into her car from behind.
  12. Cider, Baby – SOPHIE is at the store, picking up snacks with her friend.
  13. Tis Pity He’s A Brother – MISS LORELLI gives her brother a piece of her mind.
  14. What’s Your Deal? – RON talks to Cher, who he thought was a good friend of his but has been acting shady whenever she is in front of her “other” friends.
  15. Detention – RON talks to Cher, who he thought was a good friend of his but has been acting shady whenever she is in front of her “other” friends.
  16. Can I Tell You Something? – JASMINE confronts her best friend revealing to her how much she doesn’t like her boyfriend.
  17. Lick My Wounds – CRYSTAL confronts her boyfriend about how she thinks he should break up with her if he isn’t happy.
  18. Never Been Kissed – KERRY has never kissed a boy and although she wants to, she is nervous.
  19. Mind Trick – This monologue is about how one deals with strange thoughts and questions your own sanity.
  20. A Walk In The Sun – ALDERON doesn’t want to bite the woman he loves and turn her into a vampire for all eternity.
  21. Push Off – BIV is fed up waiting for his friend to tell him whether o not he’s buying a concert ticket.
  22. Abuse From Dad – SEAN talks to his current girlfriend about his relationship with his father.
  23. Bad Look – EMILY loves her friend but is very negative about the way she laughs.
  24. RRRR!! – RUTH enters her bedroom exclaiming her anger towards her parents for not letting her date the guy she likes.
  25. Arouse Me – BELLA is a nineteen year old college student who is dating an older business man.
  26. Bubble World – JASMINE, who is the teenage cousin of Jessica, vents her frustration in regards to how she thinks Jessica lives in her own imaginary world.
  27. I Liked Her First – SERGIO tells his mother what his so called best friend did.
  28. He Read My Poems! – SALLY angrily complains to her mother about how her brother ready her most private poems.
  29. Vaper Addict – JESSE is getting fed up with her boyfriend constantly vaping.
  30. I’ve Never Worn High Heels – SHAHLA is with her friend, trying to get used to wearing her first pair of high heel shoes.  
  31. Chasing, Jeremy – KIMBERLY tells her Aunt about what took play earlier in the day with the boy she likes at school.
  32. Spring Fling – KYRA talks to Jake about how she wants to be friends and not a couple.  
  33. On The Surface – KARA talks to her High School Guidance Counselor about some of the issues she’s been having at home and during school.
  34. Recently Committed – SOLE talks to a family member about her friend that recently committed suicide.
  35. Acting Different – CASSANDRA tells her boyfriend that she doesn’t like it when he acts like a tough guy in front of his friends.
  36. Can’t Cope – ZARA talks to her dog Shylo about smoking up too much weed the night before.
  37. Mad Mike – MICHAEL, a teenager raps to his full length mirror imagining himself to be a rap star.
  38. Why’d You Run? – DOUG confronts his cousin about a fight he had not too long ago.
  39. Going Away – DELL talks to his friend about the issues he has going away on spring break.
  40. Gym Class Fight – ELIOT explains to his principle why he fought in gym class.
  41. Swallow Your Pride – PAMELA talks to her boyfriend about how he needs to stop getting into fist fights.
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