5 Places To Find a Great Monologue: Create Your Video

Monologue Blogger provides free monologue scripts for actors and video content creators around the world to create awesome content.  Coming to our site to find monologue stories for your own creative projects is one of the most rewarding aspects we find here at Monologue Blogger.  It brings us all together and makes major room for creative collaboration across the seas.

Our UGC community has more videos shared across multiple platforms (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter) than we can keep up with and we are pleased to see so many creatives excited about working on our original content for video projects and actor auditions.

Monologue Blogger has become a go to resource for creatives who need new monologue material they won’t find anywhere else.  Our original monologue stories are written each week and there are literally thousands to choose from.

Monologue Blogger is about bringing creatives together through digital media and providing value to all content creators of today who wish to tell and share stories.

Here are 5 Places to help you find your next monologue project:

  1. Monologue Lists
  2. Monologues for Teens
  3. 30 Second Monologues
  4. 45 Second Monologues
  5. 1 Minute Monologues

We invite you to visit our main monologue page which features all the various sections of our Monologue Stories.  Thanks again for choosing Monologue Blogger!  =)

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