MAN/WOMAN:  You’re so addicted to me, aren’t you? You can’t stop yourself from coming to see me, can you?  You try hard; could be a few days, maybe a few weeks or months but sooner or later something pulls you towards me.


It’s alright. That’s what happens when I offer you something delicious and you can’t resist the taste even though you hate my guts. You just want some sign, some idea for you to get deep enough inside to peek far enough within but you see…I am a magician my dear.

…Hating someone but not having the strength to walk away completely…you’re still holding on..even though you vanished…and you always will be; holding on, until your knuckles grow pale and weak.

You cursed yourself I’m afraid. That day…what a sad..terrible day, wasn’t it? You thought you were doing the right thing but deep down inside your heart you know you weren’t. I knew you weren’t. We both knew, it was the others; the others who—well, we mustn’t go and start that fire back up now, correct? The ashes have all blown away…dispersed in flow of the eagle’s wings, dropping dung on all the heads of chinamen, who ride bikes with straw hats and kill babies because of overpopulation—speed along, speed along.  Sweet Bird of Youth…a title with charm and charisma…days long gone—many times before…the wood has been thrown out, far into the ocean, colliding amongst the abyss…

Well now, where were we…or you, rather? You came here for it. You know I’ll never disappoint. I can’t. It isn’t in my DNA to let you down; even though I know, we both know, how much you hate my guts.

Joseph Arnone

Joseph Arnone is a filmmaker and founder of Monologue Blogger.