Any Given Day

HARRY:  You have this tendency to talk down at people, in order to make yourself the be all end all expert at something.  You are consciously aware of such a tactic because you’re a smart guy and you know it is good for your brand.

Truth is, you’re a schmuck and I see right through it.

Yes, I think you’re clever, yes, you have a proven track record in business.  Kudos.  So do a million other people.  But the ability to undermine people with a slight hand of bravado is something that I disagree with.  I appreciate the whole don’t bullshit people aspect of things but there is a fine line you tend to cross that can be detrimental…for you.

I’m sharing this with you because I care…not so much about you…but, for the people who listen to your schtick.

If you can do things without coming down on people as a tactic, you will be better off long-term.

A guy like me…I will eat you alive. You understand?  You don’t want to keep glaring in my direction because I take that shit seriously…and I will react on any given day in ways that are impossible for you to see coming.  Trust me when I say that.

So, think about what I just told you…all of it…cause I don’t like it.

Joseph Arnone


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