Batman Don’t Rat

In this monologue, Batman talks about his case to a fellow inmate.

BATMAN:  It was me and this guy who’s dead now.  He went by the name Laborio.  We had this good thing going with robbing cars and getting them chopped up.  We were doing this for about two years.  Had no idea that the bulls were watching us the whole time.  See, we worked for this old guinea named Genaro.

So, the bulls had the horns on us during our two year run with this thing all because they wanted Genaro.  When they brought me and Laborio in, they had so much evidence, that you needed three sanitation trucks to get rid of it.  We were buried.  They wanted to make a deal, make us turn.  We were to help the feds set up Genaro in order to avoid jail.  I told them all to go fuck themselves, to put me away.

Laborio spilled his guts all over the place but the guilt was so bad on him he killed himself afterwards.  So, the feds were back at square one.  ME.  Once again, I told them to go fuck themselves.

I’ve been serving time ever since.

Joseph Arnone

Joseph Arnone is a filmmaker and founder of Monologue Blogger.