Big Prize

In this monologue, LARA sexually preys on her latest employee victim.

LARA:  You want the big steak prize, don’t you?  I’ll give you the promotion Mac but only under one condition…Take me.  I see the way you look at me.  I see how you check out my ass when I walk by your desk.  You want me, don’t you?  I know you want this.  (she unbuttons two buttons on her dress shirt)  Thinking about it day to day will get you nowhere.  You have to take what you want in this world.

What’s wrong?  Not man enough to take it?  Huh?  Afraid your wife will find out?  She’s too weak.  I know you want a strong woman to ride you.

Put your hands on my breasts and squeeze what you’ve been begging for.  I am giving you this one chance.  Your only opportunity with me.  If you take me now, you will get that promotion, if you don’t you will be fired.

What’s it going to be Mac?

Joseph Arnone


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