Can’t Cope

In this dramatic teen girl monologue, ZARA talks to her dog Shylo about smoking up too much weed the night before.

ZARA:  I don’t know Shylo…but I think I’m smoking too many blunts, lately.  My heads about to implode…last night I got a serious anxiety attack.  Thought I was gonna have to go to the hospital, my heart was racing fast and it was tripping me out.  Mentally, I knew what was going on but physically things were spazzing out.  It took like three whole hours for it to pass and I was really not well.


Smoked too much, too fast.  Really felt like I was gonna have a heart attack, like I was gonna die.  Dude, I kept throwing up all the pizza I ate earlier, it was the worst EVER.  I’m not kidding, I thought I was gonna die…I think I need to chill and stop smoking for awhile…or at least not as much or whatever or maybe just quit.  Do you think I should stop smoking weed?  Huh?  (beat)  I know you love me, for you I’ll stop smoking forever.

Joseph Arnone


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