Certain Tone

In this monologue, DRAKE tell his wife that she needs to get off his back about how he builds their future home in the suburbs.

DRAKE: Nothing is ever good enough for you, Gervina.  Nothing.  You see me busting my ass day and night on this house for us and all you do is point your finger on this or that and complain.  Is that all you specialize in…complaining? Huh?  I never see you actually contribute in ways more than that.  You can shout from afar but never roll up your sleeves and do any of the heavy lifting. I know this is your house too, our dream house but I’ve been building homes since I was a little boy with my father and grandfather.  It’s in my blood!  It’s what my family does!


I can’t build this house with you hovering over me putting demands on me that don’t coincide with what my present agenda is at the moment.  I’m dealing with multiple elements at once on any given day and you think all I do is act careless.  I’m not careless.  I’m precise.  I focus on what needs to get done specifically and according to keeping up with time.  Things you point out are important but not as important as managing other aspects first.  One thing will lead us more appropriately into the next thing.


You need to understand and change how you get.  The way you say things to me is repulsive.  Never a kind word.  Never a cool and calm approach.  Always mean and overly passionate.  Always with a certain tone of stress.  It’s wrong.  I can’t stand it and I won’t tolerate how you speak to me for much longer.  This house can go to shit for all I care when you talk to me like I’m an asshole.  I will light this whole thing up in flames.  You bring me to that point.  Too often.  You should never bring me to that point as my wife.  Never.

There are certain things a man will not take and needling my integrity for what I do with this house is definitely one of them.

Joseph Arnone


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