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Monologue Blogger’s Conversation Series welcomes today’s guest, Snapchat artist and content creator, Cyrene Quiamco!

Cyrene Quiamco is a Snapchat artist who has worked with an assortment of popular mainstream brands such as Disneyland, Burger King, Walmart, Pixar, Jolly Rancher and many others.  She is also a talented painter and graphic designer.

We spoke with Cyrene about how she got started and she also shares tips on how you can improve your Snapchatting.

MB: Hi Cyrene, thank you for speaking with us on Monologue Blogger’s Conversation Series.  Please tell us about how you first got introduced to Snapchat and what the first Snap you ever made was?

Cyrene:  When my co-worker, who is also a snapchat artist, PixelPersuasion, introduced me to it and I saw how people created incredible snapchat art on the app. Seeing other people create art inspired me to start.

I didn’t save the first snapchat I’ve ever made. I didn’t think I was even going to be using this app for a long time. I try out a lot of apps.  I first started using snapchat January 2014, but I’ve download and deleted the app before then.

MB: When did you first notice you were growing in popularity and did that alter or change your approach to using Snapchat at all?

Cyrene: When I started doing more and more art, I noticed that people were starting to screenshot, share and tell there friends to follow me. I started to see my following grow and it encouraged me to keep making more art. Now that I have an audience, I am more motivated to create more content, rather than just snapping once in a while.

MB: How often do you Snap? Do you have a set time or schedule for when you post new content?

Cyrene: For my own account, I want to create quality content. I usually snap once or twice a week. I want people to look forward to seeing my snaps and know when I snap, it’s going to be something special.

MB: What is a typical day for you when it comes to coming up with an idea for a Snap? What makes you feel a particular idea is a good one for your audience?

Cyrene: If I like it, and I’m picky on what I like, I assume my audience will like it. Snapchat is inviting people in to your life, letting them see your creativity, your brand – so, my idea is just what makes me – me!

MB: Is creating a Snap more art than science?

Cyrene: I think if you think too much and over analyze Snapchat, you’ll lose the creativity. I just create. Create what makes me happy and hope it makes others happy.

MB: What or who are some of your art influences? Is there a particular art style that you love most?

Cyrene: Everything. Why just get inspired by one?

MB: Very true.  It’s always good to remain open to all kinds of ideas and experiences.  Do you try to keep your audience in mind when creating a new Snap?

Cyrene: I often ask their opinion on what they thought of the snap story, what things I can create more and show less of. I’m still myself, but it’s like interacting with a friend. You give and take and also want to keep their opinion in mind so you both can have a great experience.

MB: When did brands first begin contacting you?

Cyrene: November 2015 is when I had my first brand contact me.

MB: That’s awesome, how much would you say you make for a Snap nowadays? 

Cyrene: Anywhere between 5k up to 30k.

MB: Pretty amazing.  Do you feel creating Snaps is time intensive?

Cyrene: It’s fun, so no.

MB: When you enjoy doing what you love, time goes by quickly, doesn’t it?  What would you say is one of your best moments/memories from using Snapchat?

Cyrene: During South by Southwest, a brand sponsored (a site I founded) meetup and it became the first and largest snapchat gathering. Snapchatters flew in for the event from across the nation. Some even drove 22 hours to be there. We also broke the record for having the most people in Banana Suits.

MB: Do you think it’s important for artists to use the internet to express their art?

Cyrene: If they want more exposure to their art, the internet makes it easy to gather an audience. But some people create art just for themselves – so it depends on your reason for making it.

MB: Do you think it is difficult to build a following on Snapchat due to it’s rapid growth?

Cyrene: Yes, but I think being hidden makes you more valuable. People took time to find you. They’ve already invested their time to finding you and are more likely to keep investing time on your content.

MB: What techniques or strategies could you provide for other creatives who are using Snapchat and want to build their own following?


  • Make awesome content even when no one is watching.
  • Add people and get inspired.
  • Make friends and collaborate.
  • Leverage your other social media following and shout your snapchat out.

MB: You are well known for your Snaps but you also have beautiful art pieces on canvas, do you see yourself evolving into a traditional artist or is it simply just another way to create your art?

Cyrene: I’ve been doing art since I was little. Snapchat is just another art medium. I don’t see a difference – it’s like using oil paint and switching over to watercolor – art is art. It’s just now digital.

MB: Well said.  Can you tell us more about your blog community, The 11th Second?

Cyrene: The 11th Second began as an archive for snapchat art I would take screenshots of because I thought it’d be a waste for them to just disappear, so I would post them on the site, with the artist’s permission.  The site grew and is now one of the oldest and most respected ways to find snapchatters to follow.

MB: What are some of the goals you have for yourself in relation to the creative arts?

Cyrene: I want to keep creating art and content on snapchat, or whatever platform comes next. I also want to educate and inspire artists that there’s so many different ways to express yourself with art and also make a living doing something you love. I want to educate and show brands the value of the creative community.

MB: I think that’s really important and good of you to think like that.  That’s all the questions we have for you and we thank you for your time.  

You can add Cyrene Quiamco via Snapchat:

Cyrene Quiamco

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