Dry Comedy In “Get Staffed” Lets Viewers Get A Laugh At What Money Can Buy

If you made a decent amount of money where you could virtually afford to do or buy just about anything, what would you spend it on? Most realistic people would answer with paying off their debts, donating to charity, and putting some of that money in the bank. Extravagant people would also include answers like exciting vacations and purchasing luxury items.

In the short film Get Staffed viewers get to see perhaps one of the most absurd yet entertaining answers to the question, “What would you do if you had a decent amount of money where you could afford to do or buy just about anything?”

Get Staffed is documented in an interview type format where we as viewers are getting to hear a man’s story on why he likes to hire staff so much and how what started out as him hiring a butler turned into a full on staff that tends to his many needs. The man, played by Jack Barry, tells his story in a monotone voice, adding to the dry humor of the film. In the end you as a viewer will find the film humorous because of its absurdity. It is completely absurd that someone should hire staff to do the things this man requires they do just because he can afford to pay their salary. For instance he decides that he no longer requires things because he can use his staff for that purpose, this includes exercise equipment and television. The whole premise is absurd, yet humorous at the same time because of its delivery.

The man literally cannot do anything for himself, even be in the documentary that is being filmed about him having staff as he has hired an actor to play himself, further adding to the absurdity and humor. This leads one to wonder if people are really that lazy and would they consider hiring staff for their every single need? If so, that says a lot about that person and where humanity is heading, something that underneath all of the absurdity and humor I believe the film was trying to explore.

Our society has become so lazy that people would consider hiring people to do these menial tasks for them, simply because they do not want to or just do not feel like it. This behavior reduces that person into the type that sits around all day doing absolutely nothing and who goes absolutely no where. No one should have do run your entire life for you as a grown adult. I can understand needing help but having people run every single aspect of your life, just because you can afford to have them do so is simply appalling behavior, for it breeds entitlement and no human being is better than another.

While Get Staffed offers a far-fetched scenario and provides humor to the situation, as viewers we must also keep in mind the deeper meaning. Yes, it is great to be entertained and laugh at this man and his absurd situation as he explains it, but we also must remember to value the lives and situations of others.

Taylor Pastrick

Taylor is a student at Fairleigh Dickinson University Florham Campus. She is majoring in communication studies with a concentration in multimedia journalism and a minor in public relations. She loves to stay informed with what is happening in the world, especially when it comes to pop culture. She believes that the more informed a person is, the better impact they will have. She is extremely excited for the opportunity to be a short film review writing intern for Monologue Blogger!

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