Dumber Than You Are

In this teen girl monologue, SEDRA talks to her cousin about how she needs to stop acting like a victim for attention and money.

SEDRA:  Why do you put on this act of being dumber than you are?  Why do you do it?  Don’t you want to function as a normal person, be looked at as a normal person, instead of coming across to everyone as some sort of eccentric or strange in some way…not switched on?


I know you are smart.  I know it.  I can’t stand how you play the role of the victim, the role of always needing help.  You are so much more independent and it’s so disturbing that you go on fooling everybody into thinking you are stupid and delicate.

I’m on to your bullshit and sooner or later other people are going to catch on too.  If you don’t wake up and participate more appropriately in your life, you will find yourself all alone and that’s the last thing I want to see happen to you.

Joseph Arnone


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