Feed Your Brain

In this monologue, ANTHONY talks to his friend about how he needs to stop being such a lazy bastard.


You’re not owed anything.

You are not owed not one single thing.  We live in a world where we think we are owed some sort of entitlement and we aren’t owed shit.  Get up off your ass, stop playing video games, stop eating shit food, stop wanking off and go make something of yourself.

You sit there depressed, thinking, “Oh boo hoo.  I didn’t have a good childhood, I didn’t get a good education, my parents were lousy, I was abused by my brother growing up, kids picked on me when I was at school, no one likes me”…shut up.  Better yet, let’s do this Philip Seymour Hoffman style from the movie Punch-Drunk Love….SHUT, SHUT, SHUT, SHUT, SHUT up…or something like that.

You need to take a cold look at yourself and BLAME YOURSELF.  Stop pointing the finger at others and start pointing your own finger at YOU.  You lazy bastard.  You Godamn lazy bastard.  Christ!  I’d like to just smack the shit out of you. I just want to, mmmmm, take my hand and mmmmm MAN you make me so CRAZY!!

You should just punch yourself directly dead in your face, cause that’s what you deserve you wanker.  Boo hoo!  My girlfriend left me.  My wife cheated on me.  My job sucks.  Cry me a river.  What else will you be miserable about next you jerkoff?  You giant hulking jerkoff.  You make me puke.  You smell like shit in all its colors you pathetic waste.


The only way you will ever be anything in your life is by busting your ass and taking ownership of yourself.  Nobody owes you anything  This world owes you nothing.  You have to earn your keep bitch.  Go make something of yourself.  Get hungry and go eat!  You hear me?  Stop wasting your time on negative thoughts and conspiracy theories and blaming the government or the police or the this or the that…come on man…get up off your lazy, fat, stinking ass, drop your bag of Doritos and go LIVE.  Go be something.  Go try, work hard, stop making excuses, stop being negative and GO DO IT.

Get angry!  Grow your mind.  Feed your brain and do something.

Joseph Arnone


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