Frame of Time

In this dramatic monologue, CHESTER talks to a close friend about his strange ability to get full emotional readouts of people he encounters.

CHESTER:  I’ve always had this ability…this secret superpower that penetrates inside someone when I look upon them.  I can do this at will.  All I have to do is simply look at someone, into someone and I will instantly know exactly where they are emotionally in their life within that frame of time.  It’s through their behavior.  Now, anyone with half a brain can look at anyone else and get a vibe off of the kind of mood that person may be feeling.  That’s not what I’m talking about.  I’m not talking about a mood.  I’m talking about feeling what the other person is feeling, thinking what the other person is thinking sort of like an emotional scan that gives me a read out of their inner mechanism.  I’m never wrong.  Never.  I wish I can do a better job at explaining this, not sure if it’s a heightened sensitivity in some way or instinct or some radioactive sense of someone else’s energy that I connect with, but it’s there and it’s real.

Joseph Arnone


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