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Yes, we’ve been down funny monologue road before haven’t we?  You know that MB is the place of insanity, craziness and pure comic freakiness.  Bark! Bark!  We’re good.  Comic monologues are in abundance on the site and your wish is our command.  You want more, you got it!

Check out some of these really funny comedic monologues:

  1. The Last M & M Samurai – Dan: You always gotta let the last man go. It’s honorable. He’s the last guy to make it out of the bag. The warrior. He’s the last samurai man.
  2. Just For Laughs – JANE: Ha, ha, ha, ha.  That is a good one Fran.  Ha, ha, ha.  I have to try that sometime.  Ha, ha, ha.  Clever.  Very clever, I love it!
  3. My Wife Is A Porn Star – BILLY: My wife is a porn star okay?  Big fucking deal.  Wippedty Dippedty Doo Daa Day.  So what?  It doesn’t bother me none to see other guys bang her out. 
  4. Dog Anxiety – RAQUEL: She asks me to watch her puppy Oscar. I say sure, I mean, how bad could it be to watch an innocent, harmless, cute little puppy?
  5. 3 Secret Ingredients – THE PLAYER: Every girl I’ve ever met wants the same thing. They want the three ingredients. Do you know what the three secret ingredients are???
  6. Proud Mom – SHANNON: That’s right Tobey, HIT HIM! Hit Him! Hit HIM! Kick, kick, kick, YEAH, kick, kick, kick, YEAH, YEAH! Good, good, good, YEAH, YEAH, YEAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!

For the Ultimate List Of Comedy Monologues:

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