HUMAN:  I will be your strength.  I will give you courage.  You can depend on me, cry on me and I will fill each one of your tears with hope.  It will be okay…do you hear me?  Do you?  It will be okay. I will carry you.  I promise. I will carry you, my torch, my hope, my love…I will not stop, I will not fail, no matter how many demons weigh me down, I will not bend far enough to go down; I will crawl but I will not crumble, I will breathe heavy but I will not stop breathing, I will hurt but feel no pain…my light is the light I fight with for you, for what is right, for what must be done…I will carry all of you until I cannot go any further…I love you all so fucking much…all of your faces…those that have fallen, ANGERS ME SO…..GODDAMNIT!!!!  (time) It isn’t for me but for you, them, others…give.

Joseph Arnone


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