In this monologue, CNUTE is closing a speech given to a small audience of business people.

CNUTE: It’s not about receiving and although what I’m about to say, to some, may come off as cliché, I stand by what I proclaim and believe in it with all my soul.  Life is about giving.  Through giving, you do receive but in the most magical and unexpected ways possible.  You just have to keep your heart open to bear witness.

When you give, something profound happens.  You are filled with a vitality of energy that warms itself through you and propels you to work harder.  Isn’t that something?

When you create value for others and you get reactions from people who you have affected in a positive way, well, you become enriched and strengthened in your purpose.

It’s not about winning, it’s about giving because by giving you do end up winning.  Just in a multitude of ways you never quite imagined.

That’s what this is all about.

Joseph Arnone


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