In this monologue, Ginger LOVES to flirt and tease men during her travels in public.  She talks about what she does and her sexual appetite for men.

GINGER: I like getting men frustrated.  Hard.  Usually on the train, when I’m traveling to and from work.  I’ll do it when I’m feeling neglected by my lover.  I’ll whip out a sexy new dress, something short and tight to my body.

No matter what, there will be some guy giving me the eye. Checking me out behind hidden glances and once I notice him, I give him something to stare at.  I’ll nonchalantly bend slightly over my knees and cross my legs but before I cross my legs I spread them wide open, just for a count of two seconds.  Once my legs are crossed, I deliberately hike up my dress a few inches and I slowly caress my shin with one index finger.  Just as I’m caressing my leg, I gracefully glance at the man who is watching me and I give him a cute little wink and smirk.

After that, the satisfaction I get exhilarates me by sending warm vibrations throughout my body and I get so worked up I can’t help but stick out my chest and flutter my hair.

This reminds me that I am a woman in control.  I am a diva who understands my power and I will use it as I see fit to dominate whichever pleasurable moments I design.

Joseph Arnone


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