How To Avoid Overdone Monologues

Do you want to know how to avoid overdone monologues?  Monologue Blogger provides you with brand spanking new monologues that get published every day.  We like to keep things fresh and exciting here and wish to help actors find new monologues that casting directors, agents, directors and producers won’t be tired of seeing.

We have mentioned before that we have thousands of monologues on Monologue Blogger that you won’t find anywhere else and we maintain this resource free for you to take full advantage of for auditions.

So, let’s cut to the monologue chase and check out some of the links below to get you going for fresh monologue content.

New Material for Actor Auditions

Have a look at our Monologues page which will give you a ton of variety, topics, categories and sections to find monologues.

We understand that finding new monologues that aren’t beaten to death is not easy but we feel confident you can find some solid monologue material through our library of monologues for your auditions, classroom study, general rehearsal, shows and of course auditions!

Make it happen!

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