In this male drama monologue, a FATHER talks to his son about integrity.

BILLY:  You see, the thing is Jimmy, integrity is the only thing we truly own in life. What we decide to do with it, is our choice. I hear you, coming up with all these excuses, it’s not me you have to answer to anymore. You’re a grown man now and my judgement isn’t going to make a difference.

What I’ve learnt in these past 60 years of being alive, is that life will take a lot from you, a lot of things you can’t control, it’s not a pretty world and you’re starting to see a bit of this now…but, what life can’t take from us, is integrity, as long as you hold on to it.

It will always be up to you.


Daniella Alma

Daniella Alma is an Actress / Producer, born and raised in London, UK and now living in New York City. She is also the Creative Producer/Journalist of Monologue Blogger, wherein she conducts interviews with filmmakers from around the globe. Her leading film work as an Actress has premiered in Festival de Cannes, Tribeca, Renaissance Film Festival and BIFF. Upcoming projects: Daniella Alma's next role will streaming in a new Hulu Original in late 2017.

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