Introducing Monologue Blogger’s Conversation Series

In addition to the thousands of free original monologue stories offered on Monologue Blogger, we also share helpful articles for content creators on social media, content creation, blogging and personal branding.

Next, we would like to introduce you to our recently launched, Conversation Series.

The Conversation Series is a Q & A series that features both online and offline content creators we find extremely interesting in their creative work.  In the series you will get to know the creator better, learn about their creative process and also find advice and strategies to inspire your own creations.

Interviews consist of artists working in both traditional and new media.  You will find discussions with filmmakers, artists, snapchatters, youtubers, viners, instagrammers, photographers and so many more creators we think you will find appealing.

The concept of the Conversation Series is to offer insight and encouragement to Monologue Blogger’s creative community.  Our audience consists of a wide range of storytellers and as a digital media publication, we wish to continue sharing with you value that you can find useful.

As always, thanks for using MB!  =)

Joseph Arnone


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