Joey Feldman Interview: His Inspiration, Process and Influence

Monologue Blogger interviews the talented artist/illustrator/cartoonist Joey Feldman for our Conversation Series.

Joey Feldman’s art work is packed with energy.  The vibrancy that comes through his art pieces when viewing them aren’t something one can ignore. It is more than color and imagery that impacts you.  There is a sense of urgency that comes through his work, opening up your imagination to a different, yet similar visual world, that contains it’s own level of truth you can identify with.

MB: How did you develop such an original style?

Joey Feldman: Ha! I’ve never really had any formal art training. I love art and have many influences/artists I have “borrowed” from. Little from this one, a lot from that one, etc. it’s still developing and I never really know what I’m going to do on each drawing

MBCould you describe your creative process, from deciding on a portrait to then painting it? What type of brushes /paints/paper do you prefer to use?  Are there specific tools that you mostly work with?

Joey Feldman: I wake up early, make coffee, feed and talk to my cats, then get right to it. I sometimes prepare the reference material the night before.  If I can’t find anything that interests me, I just see who’s birthday it is, keep it simple. I try not to get online and get distracted the morning of; I then go right to the drawing table and start. Once I start I try my best to go until I finish.  I prefer to use old vintage drawing tools, dip pen, ink and nice sable brushes. I love paper-all eyes of it. The bigger the sheet the better. All my work is usually on A1 size.

MB: Are there works of yours that you have been meaning to develop but haven’t gotten round to yet? 

Joey Feldman: Yes, I am currently developing a mature children’s book. I get so busy with clients it feels like forever to finish.

MB:  What struggles have you experienced as an artist?

Joey Feldman:  Some of the struggles I have faced have been discipline, distraction; particularly social media and the internet. It’s so easy when I’m looking up research to go down that rabbit hole, wake up and the reality sets in that I’ve watched cat and practical joke videos for the last 3 hours….

MB:  What advice can you give to an artist who has difficulty making a living from their work?

Joey Feldman: Stick with it. Never ever ever give up. Be true to yourself and draw everyday.

MBIf you had to choose what painting you could keep, from all of your work, what would it be? And why is this of most value to you?

Joey Feldman: I’d have to say my portrait of Charles Darwin. This started my daily portrait ritual. I had just come home from a trip visiting family and was insane. I came home, picked up a fountain pen and just “drew at my family” this piece has gone on to win 2 awards and for me that’s special.

MBWho has influenced/ or who has inspired you the most as an artist?

Joey Feldman: I would say Ralph Steadman has inspired me the most. I consider him one of the most underrated artists of the last century. Not only for his insane talent but his generosity and attitude is infectious. Pablo Picasso’s day routine of creating everyday has also had an impact of my discipline.

MBIs there a place in the world where you most want to visit?

Joey Feldman: I’d love to go check out New Zealand….Middle-earth is there!

MBDo you enjoy living in Los Angeles? If so, why?

Joey Feldman: I love Los Angeles, you never know who you are going to run into and I can draw the craziest thing and people will at least seem interested.

MBDo you have a favorite song? And does music help you create or do you prefer to work in silence?

Joey Feldman: I can’t really say I have a favorite song, there’s so many of them. You will find pretty much every category of music in my collection. Sometimes silence or podcasts and I’ve been listening to Howard Stern since 1986.

MBCan you share a personal /self written quote?

Joey Feldman: “Do the things you don’t want to do, so you can do the things you want to do.”

MB: Can you tell us about your most recent solo show in Santa Monica?

Joey Feldman: I was contacted by a non-profit organization One Recovery and asked if I would participate. The show was a celebration of a young man who lost his life on his journey to becoming a musician. The majority of work were his musical influences that I have drawn.  Some included were Bob Dylan, Kurt Cobain, John Lennon and David Bowie.

MB: Well, Joey, that about sums it up and thanks again for the time you’ve given to our Conversation Series.

Please have a look at Joey Feldman’s art work at his website:

Have a look at his website:

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