My Side of Things

In this teen girl monologue, CLARA talks to her sister about how stubborn she is sometimes.

CLARA:  I don’t think it’s me most times because talking to you, when I try to get my point across to you and get you to see my side of things, it’s like trying to convince a donkey that it’s a dog.  Just not possible. Maybe that’s not the best analogy but you are so hard to talk with and sometimes, sometimes I even think you are so stubborn just to be stubborn; just to spite me and all I’m trying to say is that sooner or later we will reach a point as sisters where that is what it will be…it will always be this stubborn arrangement between us and I don’t want that.  I really don’t.


I’m not so sure you do, either.  I rather think that you want to get along and let pride or ego or whatever it is that seems to stand between us, come to an end.  Right?  Is it so hard for us to let things go and try and talk things out?

Joseph Arnone


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