Negative Nickname | COMEDY MONOLOGUE

Monoscription:  In this comedy monologue CHERYL defends her pride by telling her boyfriend to stop calling her what she perceives as an uncute nickname.

CHERYL: …Don’t call me that!  Don’t call me that, how many times do I have to tell you that I don’t want to be called, CHUBBY TITS?!  (beat) It’s the worst name in the world.  First of all, I’m not chubby and second of all I have great tits.  So, calling me chubby tits completely defeats the purpose of enjoying what you have by giving my voluptuous breasts a negative nickname.

So there, last time I am going to argue the point…call me something else, something that will make my heart flutter.  Not something that makes me want to quit eating or look in the mirror every hour.  I watch my figure..I exercise.  And I must say that I AM pretty damn hot!

Joseph Arnone


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