Monologue Description: “NEVER HURT YOU” is a drama about being committed in a relationship.

Character Description: In this drama monologue, Marianne confesses indirectly to her boyfriend about the wrongs of her life in a subtle fashion. She also reveals that she is dedicated to being with him forever.

MARIANNE: It’s true, what you’ve heard about me. It’s true. I’ve been careless with the people I’ve loved in my life. I’ve done—

Not sure it’s necessary to give you the grocery list of my wrongs but I want you to know my secrets, without me telling you them.

Does that make sense?

I’ve done some horrible things in my life—I’ve hurt people, with good intentions, if such a thing exists.

That is as far as I’m going to go, I don’t—I don’t, I can’t take it further than that but I want you to know that with you, I am willing to go as far as possible.

I have changed and I am yours and I will never hurt you.

Joseph Arnone


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