Not True

Some High School drama for a teen girl monologue where PAM is being accused of talking trash behind her friends back, when she’s done no such thing.

PAM:  It’s not true!  It’s not!  Why would I go behind your back and say those things about you?  Why would you believe them all anyway?  It’s Evelyn.  She’s jealous and sneaky and she’s the one that doesn’t want us being good friends.  She’s corrupting everyone around you and making up lies.  I would never talk trash behind your back.  If I have a problem with you I will tell you to your face.  There’s no reason why I would even tell Evelyn to begin with, I wouldn’t tell her anything. I don’t trust her and she’s stupid.  If you are going to believe her over me, fine.  Do what you need to do cause I don’t care anymore.  Really, I just don’t.

Joseph Arnone


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