Now You See It, Now You Don’t

Monologue Description: In this comedy monologue, Rene talks to her therapist about things she sees that are not there.

RENE:  Sometimes I want to stare someone in the face and go poopy in my pants.  I want to stare like stone and watch their facial expressions to my rudeness.  I think crazy thoughts, Doctor.  Sometimes I see people doing strange things in my minds eye.  Let  me tell you…

One time I visualized a woman getting up from her seat and barking like a dog, parading all around a restaurant.  One time I saw a man take off his hair piece and stick it to a wall.  He then started screaming, ” I AM FREE”.  One time the three bus boys started singing together the La Bamba song…and they were good.

I get all these crazy images in my head.  I don’t know why.  I think I’m going crazy, Doctor.  What should I do?  Yesterday, the owner Bernardo brought his dog downstairs and it started talking to me.  But mean.  The dog was giving me demands, telling me to make sure I keep the restaurant clean.  Make sure I treat all our customers like my grandmother.

Why do I see such horrible things??

Joseph Arnone


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