In this monologue, JOHNNY talks to a friend about the man he could have been but instead, chose a different path.

JOHNNY: I was always a wild kid. Started my own gang in the streets of Queens, robbed houses, cars, stores, became the toughest kid in my neighborhood after giving beatings to everybody that thought they wanted to be a tough guy.  I did bad things.  All by the age of fifteen.  I was well on my way to a criminal path but then, my mother stepped in…

I remember looking into my beautiful mother’s big brown eyes and the tears streaming down her cheeks and I knew that I didn’t want to be the thing in her life that disappointed her the most.  She said she would have disowned me if I didn’t change my ways…so, I did.  My love for my mother, made me rethink my own life and make a major change.  If it weren’t for her, God knows where I’d be today.

Joseph Arnone


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