Possibility of Violence | DRAMA – 1 min

Monologue Description: DEAN talks to his friend about how people sometimes don’t care about the “possibility of violence”.

DEAN: I was sitting in traffic for about thirty minutes.  I really didn’t mind.  I was in no rush to get to where I was going.  No time limit.  They were doing construction in the street, downtown.  But every minute that passed the horns were honking more, people began arguing from within their cars.  Things began to appear to get serious.  Before anyone got out of their car to argue and perhaps fistfight, I called 911, to prevent something like that from happening.

911 told me that if no one is actually fist-fighting that I would need to call 311 and have them call the local precinct.  So I did.  I called 311 and they asked me the location.  I told the woman on the phone that I was downtown in Manhattan on Delancey Street and the cross street was Allen Street.  Then she asked me for an address.  I told her there wasn’t any, that this was a street traffic problem.  Then she asked me for a landmark.  I told her three blocks west of the Williamsburg Bridge.  Then she said a landmark like the Empire State Building or City Hall or Statue Of Liberty.  So I got a little sarcastic with her and said, “Since when is the Williamsburg Bridge not a landmark?”

Then, of course, she got rude on the phone and I told her to forget it, that if something bad happens, it will be on her conscience.  She said,”Is there anything else I can help you with today, sir?”  I told her she didn’t even help me with the first thing, and that there was no second thing to help me with.  So I hung up on her.

The following day I read in the newspaper that two men were shot in the exact location I was in and called about.  The article said it was do to road rage.

Joseph Arnone


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