Push Off

In this male teen monologue, BIV is fed up waiting for his friend to tell him whether o not he’s buying a concert ticket.

BIV:  Dude, you’re killing me already.  Man up!  Dude, I’ve been asking you if you are coming to the concert for the past month bro.  You always do this.  You always leave me hanging.  Seriously, make a decision and stop being such a bitch.  At this point I really don’t care if you’re coming or not yo.  Just tell me because I’ve been waiting to buy my ticket cause it’s cheaper if we get it in bulk.  I already got nine other peops coming and if you are going to go we all need to know because we need ten to get the deal.  I’ve been holding your spot but there’s like three others that I keep blowing off for you man.  So, what’s up, are you coming or not bro?

Joseph Arnone


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