Robot Run: The 2nd Meeting

In this sci-fi drama monologue, STAN has slipped out from the ‘bot’ he must answer to in his home.  He has secretly met with a neighbor friend as they slowly construct a plan to regain their freedom.  Read Part 1

(heavily whispering)

STAN: You made copies of everything?  All the details?  You didn’t mis anything?  Are you certain?  Okay, okay, good, good…notice any changes?  With the—YEAH, yeah…no detection of any kind?  Good, good.

What do you think of the plans?  We have to do this ASAP…there’s something called a black out approaching.  I don’t know what it is exactly…but I overheard the words, “Black Out” in the early morning hours.

Nnnnm, that’s all I heard, that’s all I heard.  Listen, we need to strike ASAP if we are to have a chance.  It’s impending…surely, you feel it…study the plans in detail and we will enact them in three days from today.  Having done that, we do it.

Do you have any questions?  Have you understood my drawings in full detail?  Yes?  There is no backing out now.  It is the only way.  You hear me?  The only way we will stay alive and protect our loved ones.  Three days…

Joseph Arnone


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