Salt In The Wound

SAMMY is in too deep.  He’s hired a hit man to kill the pregnant woman he’s been having an affair with.

SAMMY:  Alright, alright, this is bad.  Let me just start off by saying that right off the bat.  This is ugly.  You are going to like me a hell of a lot less after I share this information with you but you can’t, you just cannot say one word about this to anyone…do I have your promise?


Few months back I hired this new woman as my social media strategist, one of them, anyway.  At first, yeah, I thought she was pretty but I’m married, love my wife and we’re working on starting a family.  Fast forward the clock a few weeks in and I have this new hire wrapped around my waist while we are doing the Congo.  Okay?

Now, in story time this is rapid fire play but in actuality, the way it happened, a few weeks in is a long time, long enough for us to start a fire.

Fast forward even further, to about last week…she’s pregnant.  Actually, pregnant.  And…she doesn’t want to abort.  Now before you say anything about pro-life and all that…I’m with you, okay?  I just, I’m way past having this baby because it will ruin my entire life as I currently have things.  Don’t think for one second it’s not destroying me inside…

To add a layer of salt to the wound, she’s changed…the hire, notice I can’t even say her name…she is using the baby against me…as a power over me, threatening me and demanding things of me in the most rotten, despicable way imaginable…she plans on telling my wife if I don’t give myself over to her demands, material things…

If you don’t hate me by now for stripping myself of the man I used to be…I got one more for you…I’ve hired a man to kill her.  He’s scheduled to do it tomorrow morning.  I’ve changed my mind about it. The whole thing.  Already paid him off but I don’t care.  I just want to call this dog off and I can’t reach him.  There’s no way for me to reach him cause he’s incognito.  Once the deal is made, there’s no going back…

I want to stop it.  I need to prevent this from taking place.  She doesn’t return my calls.  I’ve gone to her place a half-dozen times and I can’t find her…this has gotten out of control.

Help me…please…what do you think I should do?

Joseph Arnone


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