Second Look

In this dramatic monologue, CHER is talking to her close friend about how she may not be as attractive to men as she once was.

CHER:  It hasn’t happened for quite some time.  I was thinking about this all day and it must have been years since I’ve ever felt that feeling…you know?  When a man looks at you, looks away and then takes that second look.  It’s the second look that validates something for me as a woman.  I’m not trying to say that I need a man to salivate over me or anything like that…it’s only that I haven’t gotten that second look in quite awhile and I’m beginning to feel a bit inadequate.

Even on a lousy looking day I used to catch a second look, nowadays I’m lucky I even get a first look.

Hmmm.  Can I asked you something?  (beat)  Have my looks, changed?  (beat)  Am I not as attractive as I used to be?  Wait!  Don’t answer me, don’t answer my question!  It’s all just too much, really.

(she stands up abruptly and grabs her drink)

I’m alright.  I just don’t know.  I’m not looking for comfort or consolation.  (nervous chuckle) I just want to know if I still appeal to men.  Is that so wrong?  Not in the sense in a, in a, in an intellectual  way but more in a sexual way, you know…that would be nice, to know, if I can still turn a man.  If, in fact, if a man is actually still interested in me that way.

That’s all…

Joseph Arnone


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