Our mission is to help market short films for filmmakers who need exposure and professional marketing tools to boost their films presence.

Monologue Blogger is one of the most powerful resources for short films that a filmmaker can use to market their short film awareness.


We are a collective of content marketing writers who love cinema and represent short films in a way that helps filmmakers grow their brand.

We take the time necessary to understand your work and target your story with effective marketing strategies.


Nothing excites us more then watching a really good short film.  We are partial to character driven content.

  1. Storytelling Skills – the ability to tell a short story on film.
  2. Production Value – quality production value.
  3. Original Delivery – a unique way of expressing the story’s concept.


We truly look for short film narratives but are open to experimental films that do have a structure.

  • Music Videos
  • Commercials
  • Pornography
  • Short Films with no narrative structure.


  • Running Time: Short Films must be 40 minutes or less.
  • Premiere Status: Short Films do not need to be a premiere.
  • Rights: All films must have proper clearance rights and releases secured.  



  • If your short film has been accepted for review, a representative of Monologue Blogger will contact you within 30 days of your submission.
  • We include your short film video within the review for audience exposure, including available links.
  • If your short film wasn’t accepted, you will not be contacted.

If accepted, here is what you receive:

  • Review of short film. (includes film trailer or film, links)
  • Social media share.
  • Newsletter mention.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is my short film guaranteed acceptance on Monologue Blogger magazine?  No.  Not all short films are accepted.
  2. How do you judge whether or not a short film gets published?  We look for 3 essential elements: Storytelling Skills, Production Quality, Original Delivery.
  3. How long before my short film is published on Monologue Blogger?  We immediately include your short film in our editorial calendar and schedule publication with a turnaround time that can take up to 30 days, due to submission demand.
  4. When will I be notified if my short film is accepted?  You will be notified within 30 days.
  5. Can I submit more than one film? Yes.  Each one must be done separately.
  6. How long does my short film have to be? No longer than 40 minutes.
  7. Can I charge people to watch my short film through your audience?  No, this is prohibited.
  8. Will I be notified if my short film wasn’t accepted?  When?  You simply won’t hear from us.
  9. Why wasn’t my short film accepted?  We don’t give reasons.  Sorry.
  10. Can you guarantee my short film will go viral?  Of course not.  But we do stand behind the fact that we provide your short film with a strong push forward to get it seen and heard through our audience.
  11. How do you place my short film on Monologue Blogger magazine?  We publish your short film with an embed code from Vimeo or YouTube.
  12. Can I submit my film if I made it a year ago?  No.  We only consider short films that have been made within the last 8 months.
  13. I have a question that isn’t listed here, who can I contact?  Just reach out to our contact page.  be sure to provide your name and email and someone will reply to your question.

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