In this male dramatic monologue, BAM is talking to his best friend about his hustle and grind work ethic.

BAM: You need to start where you start.  Stop thinking about being on top when you need to hustle and grind from where you currently breathe.  All this talk about being this or being that.  Come on man, that’s a losers mentality.  You just need to grind.  Stop with all the excuses.  Stop playing the blaming game.  All that does is feed the wrong energy.  Rule it out, extract that from your mind and focus in on throwing your energy into what truly matters.  Get it done and push man.  Keep pushing hard.  Exhaust yourself with your work ethic.  All your time and energy needs to go into that.  You don’t have time to waste on negativity and wishing and anger and doubt!  All you have time to do with the time you have is to spend it on doing what you love and striving to reach your goals.  Every single day.  Stop talking, start doing.

Joseph Arnone


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