In this teenage monologue for a guy, TOBEY confronts his Mother about how she needs to start giving him more space.

TOBEY:  Mom, why do you always tell me to do things at the wrong time.  I know what you’re going to say, “When is it ever the right time?”  But you don’t understand, you always ask me to do things around the house when I’m in the middle of something.  Like when I had my friends over yesterday, you ask me to rake the leaves…Why would you ask me to rake the leaves when my friends just showed up? It’s not like you didn’t know they were coming, I asked you beforehand.  Or what about when I was studying for an exam, it’s not like I was playing video games, I was studying and you ask me to do the laundry.

Mom, I don’t mind doing chores but you need to respect my space a little bit too because I do have a life and what I have going on matters to me.  You may not think so but it does and I’m telling you this without arguing with you because I want you to understand where I’m coming from.  Okay?  Can we get on the same page with this?

Joseph Arnone


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