In this teen girl monologue, KILDRA tells her man that he needs to chill out and give her space.

KILDRA:  Duuude, why you keep hogging up my time?  So much…yo, we been dating one week and you up my creek way too much.  I don’t mind us being in touch or whatever but you need to chill, give a girl some room to breathe.  Give me my space is all I’m saying.  Damnnnn.


I haven’t even opened my eyes in the morning and I got like five messages from you on my phone.  It’s like…REALLY?  SERIOUSLY?  Let me wake up, hit me up a little later in the day, don’t be cramming me and blowing up my friends asking where I’m at.  Where you think I’m at?

You feeling me?  Don’t be crossing my line.  You need to chill.  I’m telling you.

Joseph Arnone


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