Strange Dream

In this monologue, MARVIN recounts a dream to his friend that he has been stuck trying to make sense.

MARVIN: She’s looking at me, I’m looking at her…she turns to me and says, “You wanna have sex?”  I told her I would love to.  I follow her up to her room at the hotel she was staying at.  We enter the room and she tells me to lay down on the bed and make myself comfortable.  She wanted to slip into something more appropriate.

She goes into the bathroom, I begin to undress and I lay down on the bed, waiting for her.  She opens the bathroom door and it’s my girlfriends mother.  So, I freeze.  She casually walks over to me and touches my chest and she says, “Take me”.  I look down at the floor and when I look back up, it was an African American man I’ve never layed eyes on before.  He says to me in this deep booming voice, “Whatch you doin’, sleeping with my wife!?”

I fell out of the bed but kept falling.  It felt like I was falling forever.  I landed just where the character Isabelle in the movie Constantine landed.  I was her, in the movie!  I felt like her.  Just weird.

I look up and I see Keanu Reeves pointing a gun at my face.  He grins and says, “Hey, I didn’t invite you to be in my movie.”  He spits out the cigarette dangling from his mouth and fires.

I woke up in a deep sweat.  Now, what the heck does that dream mean???

Joseph Arnone


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