The Back Room

Theresa talks to her co-worker friend about what has been going on between her and the new intern.  She seeks out her advice.

THERESA: I find myself looking at other men.  It’s true, I do, I confess.  I can’t help it.  Is that wrong of me?  Not only do I look at other men, but I flirt with other men too.  I’ve been with my husband now for ten years.  You know that.  I’m ten years young though.  You can’t tell me you don’t talk with other men.  You have to, we need to keep our sanity.  Am I right?


I did something the other day that I am having alot of trouble with.  I kissed another man.  Now, wait, wait, let me explain…I was in the hallway, on my way to go make copies of this script and I bump into the new intern.  You know the new intern, Mark.  This intern is the epitome of gorgeous.  There isn’t an ugly bone in his body.  Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, LOOK OUT!  This intern wants to be a producer but he should be an actor.  It’s honest to say that this intern and me have been kind of, sort of…talking, these last few weeks.  It started in the cafeteria.  Like, we’ve been feeling eachother out, so to speak.

I get to the copy machine and he come up behind me and he suddenly grabs my hips and starts kissing my neck.  At first I froze like a statue.  All I could do was let out a small murmur.  But then, then I let myself get carried off.  I stopped him aggressively before someone saw us and told him to meet me in the back room at two o’clock.  We met and we went at it for about fifteen minutes.  Not sex, nothing like that, just some good lip locking, oh and groping.  God he can grope…yeah.

It felt great.  I felt amazing.  My husband hasn’t kissed me like that in years.  I felt like a wanted woman and I’ve been walking on air ever since.  I don’t know if I should go further, put a stop to it.  I don’t want to divorce my husband, I love him but I just need a sexual boost.  I need passion!  And I’ve tried with my husband.  He’s like a fart in the wind.  No fire, no lust, just, just…just boring.

What should I do?  Am I in too deep?  Should I get out while I’m ahead?  What?  What do you think I should do?

Joseph Arnone


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