The Bargain

In this monologue, DAVISH BECDELIEVRE, has captured a Lord and offers him a bargain.

DAVISH BECDELIEVRE:  Are you still laughing, Xalvador?  One year ago you tried to cut off my legs before I even took my first step back into freedom.

(referring to being released from prison after proven innocent)

I must admit it was certainly a cunning tactic.  I commend you on your decision but such poor execution.  I’m sure by now you agree.

You forced an enemy out of me.

For one year I battled your army.  An army much stronger and larger than my own.  You weakened never the less.  I gained ground and now, look where we are.  Your strength only remains in the South but not for very long.  My prediction is that within the next year you will be surpassed in authority.  You see, you attacked me out of fear.  I attack you out of calculation.

If I want the South, it will be mine.  Simple.  I’ve already thought it through.  I much rather watch you bleed out, slowly and have my men remove you once you’ve become completely broken.  Once there is nothing left to suck out from your veins like the vampire you’ve proclaimed me to be.

Well, I choose against it.  I am going to offer you a bargain.  You can keep all your precious belongings, your lavish dinners and wild orgies.  You can have all the treasures you so desire, at least, in the South, if you give me one thing…

Give over your newly wedded wife and you can keep what you still have in your control…or suffer the consequences.  There will be no other Lord, no King that will prevent me from bringing down the gates of darkness upon your soul.

All you have to do is nod and ’tis shall be done.

Joseph Arnone


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