The Longer Road

A mysterious Indian man wearing a cloak approaches P and tells him the following…

P: There are people in this world who want to position themselves with an advantage, to hurt you, to act like they are your friend, when they are really waiting for the opportune time to thrust the knife they hold behind their back.

You need to always see the knife.

There is this great selfishness that goes on.  The idea of ‘what’s in it for me’ because people don’t take the time to understand that by giving, they receive more.  They do not have the ability to see the larger vision.  Instead, they see the short term goal only.

Choices get made along the way.  Some choices are easier than others to make but one thing must always remain.  Stay true to yourself, even if it means taking the longer road.  The longer road is the significant road.  The longer road is where most travelers turn back but by staying on such a road, no matter how difficult, sooner or later you will begin to see things that other people simply cannot.

Joseph Arnone


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