Think About Tomorrow

In this monologue, Mark talks to his Stepson about the pros and cons of “being tough”. 

MARK: What do you think, because I’m well groomed I can’t fight? Because I dress classy and behave well mannered, I have no balls? Because I don’t have any tattoos, or walk with a limp, or don’t dress like everybody else, that I’m not down?  I never bought into that stuff.  I always did my own thing, my own way and didn’t care much about fitting in and trying to be like everyone else. That has always struck me as comical.  You need to break away and be your own man.  Think with your own independent mind, think about your own life and how you wish to live it out.

You wanna know what tough is? Tough is not having to act tough. Tough is being humble. Not bragging, not walking around with a chip on your shoulder or being flashy…it’s about being a gentleman, handling your business without anyone else knowing about your business. That’s discipline and that is tough.

What do you do when you have a problem? You call your boys, right? Am I right?  Yeah, you call your boys and you all get ready for the big show…you know who I used to call…myself.  Whenever I had to handle something, it got handled and nobody ever knew about it but me.  You understand?

Tough is for amateurs.  You need to be smart…focus on earning a good living doing the right things in your life and stop trying to be a big man because nobody cares.  You hear me?  I’m telling you this because I care about you and don’t want you to get trapped like everybody else does who doesn’t think about tomorrow.

Joseph Arnone


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