Til Death Do Us Part

In this male dramatic monologue, PATRICK is talking one on one with his main athletic opponent before their competition.

PATRICK:  Look in me!  LOOK!  Do you think you can stare me in the eyes?  Do you think you have the power, to look inside my eyes and not look away?

Let me tell you something.  You can’t beat me.  You won’t beat me.  The only way you can conquer me is if you kill me and you better bring a whole army to even think about slowing me down, let alone kill me.

I question the impossible.  I challenge the impossible.  I push my limits.  I’m obsessed.  I’m crazy.  I’m hungry.  And I dare to WIN!

You think you are stronger than me?  Have more faith?  More dedication?  Do you think you can climb higher than me, push harder than me, receive more pain than ME?!

Unless you can look into my soul and not see the reflection of your own weakness, it is on that day that we will do battle to the death.

Til death do us part.

Joseph Arnone


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