Time Is Running Out

In this dramatic monologue for a woman, MARIA complains to her husband about his indecisiveness on his career goals.

MARIA:  You drive me nuts!! One day you say you want to be a carpenter, the next a plumber, now you want to be a veterinarian !

Gerren, you have to make a choice!

Life isn’t a dress rehearsal, time is flying by and here we are in the same dingy apartment, with hardly any money to feed our child and now you want to be a Vet!

What is wrong with you? I support your dreams, I want you to succeed more than anything in the world but why can’t you just stick to one thing and succeed at it?

Time is passing us Gerren, we either get it right this time or re-think our future.


Daniella Alma

Daniella Alma is an Actress / Producer, born and raised in London, UK and now living in New York City. She is also the Creative Producer/Journalist of Monologue Blogger, wherein she conducts interviews with filmmakers from around the globe. Her leading film work as an Actress has premiered in Festival de Cannes, Tribeca, Renaissance Film Festival and BIFF. Upcoming projects: Daniella Alma's next role will streaming in a new Hulu Original in late 2017.

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