Tippy Toe

In this female dramatic monologue, ADEL talks to her boyfriend about how she won’t remain a timid woman around him.

ADEL:  I can’t tippy toe around you.  There are going to be things I do or say that you won’t like and you just have to learn to be more patient and tolerable of that.  I’m not going to be in a relationship with a man who can’t allow me the freedom, my freedom, to be who I am naturally as an individual.  I’m not going to cower and act coy if I have something burning up inside me that I am annoyed about.  If you want to be with a weak woman, than go find one!  So don’t expect me to not express how I feel when I feel what I feel.  I admit I can choose better words, go about it in a better manner but don’t ever expect me to not say what I have to say because it matters and if I feel that what I have to say to you, doesn’t matter to you, than what’s the point of communicating at all to eachother?

Joseph Arnone


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