We Both Know How This Ends

In this dramatic monologue, GILDREN is a criminal master who has discovered that an elite member of his ‘crew’ has gone against him.

GILDREN:  Don’t sit there and act like you don’t know what I’m talking about, Rupert. We’ve known one another since forever, have we not?  I can read your thoughts at this point but would much rather have you be man enough to express the truth to me, simply so you can die with some sort of integrity…

Just to recap, Cheana died.  Her brains were completely blown out from her skull and I had my seat front and center during the charade.  This should not have happened.

All possible leaks point straight back to you…

Therefore, it’s important that you tell me the truth, now.  But even if you do not, we both know our work together is done and how this ends.

What will it be, friend?

Joseph Arnone


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