What’s Your Deal?

In this male teen monologue, RON talks to Cher, who he thought was a good friend of his but has been acting shady whenever she is in front of her “other” friends.

RON:  I know I’m eccentric but that doesn’t mean I’m crazy, does it?  I’m a little quirky and rough around the edges but it doesn’t mean I’m not all there mentally.  You shouldn’t judge me based on what people say about me and letting them fool you into thinking I’m weird and strange when you’ve gotten to know me.  You shouldn’t be embarrassed hanging out with me or talking to me in front of your other friends.  I thought you were better than that.  But if you want to pretend and act like we were never really cool with one another because it’s uncool to be seen with me around school, then fine, do what you need to do and go hang out with your other peops.  I don’t need a friend like you anyway.

Joseph Arnone


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