In this monologue THELMA takes care of her boyfriend who is suffering a ‘whitey’ from cannabis.

THELMA:  Okay, okay, just chill out, chill out, you’re fine, you’re fine…You just have the shakes baby cause you smoked too much too fast.  You’re okay.  Just focus on me, focus on me and I’ll get you a blanket.  Don’t lay down!  Stay up and let me wrap this blanket around you nice and tight.  There you go, there you are, nice and tight baby.  How does, how does that feel?  Hmm?  (beat)  You’re cold?  Okay, okay.  Heart is beating fast?  No, no, that’s just in your mind.  You need to eat something.  Let me make you something.  Come upstairs with me and I will make you some soup.  You want soup?  And you need to drink something, like iced tea.  Just breath calmly and walk slow and you will feel better in five minutes.  Come with me now.

Joseph Arnone

Joseph Arnone is a filmmaker and founder of Monologue Blogger.

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